Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome to 'with bite'

To all those chefs, food writers, food stylists, and self-proclaimed "foodies" out there, Welcome!

I'll never know what brought each one of you to have a love affair with food, but I'll give you a little bit about my background.

I'm a Newfoundlander. When I was in junior high, and then high school, I would come home from school and make supper for myself and my sister and then keep some extra for my parents; my mother was a schoolteacher, my father, a music teacher in our home.

I have always loved food, but I dabbled in a few areas; business, arts, even a stint at Memorial School of Music as an opera singer before deciding that I wanted to be an event planner, and enrolled in Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is a great program, however, I noticed that during most of my non-food based courses, I spent most of my time thinking about food.

Now, I have worked in enough restaurants that I knew I didn't want to be a chef, even after being accepted to P.E.I's Holland College's culinary program. So what did I choose instead? Well, I'm three courses shy of Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Mgmt at the Mount, but by doing research papers, presentations and interviews with some of the province's finest chefs and producers, I realized that food writing was the path for me.

The following blog tels of my culinary adventures , wherever my stomach takes me , while also praising Nova Scotian Chefs, producers, fishers and farmers.

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