Saturday, July 26, 2008

Say Cheese!

My friends and I were heading off to the Summersonic concert on Citadel Hill this past weekend. I think that we're such good friends because we share a passion for good food- REALLY good food. So, what does one eat in preparation for an evening rockconcert?
Well, in this circle, it's all about the cheese. We made a trip to the Farmer's market for some rich, maple smoked salmon from St. Mary's River Smokehouse, cream cheese and a chewy baguette from Julien's Bakery. We topped that off with fresh buffalo mozza with raspberries, sweet Italian Fruilano with apple, gouda- stuffed hot chilies and blue cheese-stuffed potatoes, as well as a black truffle-laced white cheddar.
The next day, it was gourmet burgers with brie, caramelized onion gouda and a pound of shitake mushrooms roasted with fresh thyme. We also chowed down on some Indian Point mussels with fresh basil and cream.Next time I want pre-concert eats, I know who I'll choose for my partners in crime.

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Jo said...

Well.. I definetly know who my new concert buddy is. Those were some fantastic pre-concerts eats.. We'll have to do that again sometime soon!!