Thursday, August 13, 2009

With Bite takes a big, juicy bite out of Manhattan's 'Big Apple'!

I kid you not, that when I say that food is important to me, I mean it. And by the term 'important', I mean essential. Not essential in the way that I eat to live- but that I live to eat. I breathe food, I sleep food, I daydream about food. My desktop background changes on a regular basis in order to make my mouth water when I turn on my computer.

And so, I sit awaiting my flight to North America's food Mecca; New York City. I love Manhattan. I go once a year to visit my sister, hang out and eat really, really good food. Now, I'm fortunate that, when it comes to accommodations, I need not worry- big sis has my back. So essentially, my 'spending money' when I go on these trips is for food, booze and the like.

As I mentioned, food is a serious thing for me, and since there are over 5000 restaurants/cafes/bars ect, in Manhattan, I have to do my research. If there are certain 'Special Nights', a dish that makes my head spin, or a brunch menu with endless options - brunch is, after all, my favorite meal - then I make note, so that I remember my reason for needing to go there. Also, when you're dealing with the landscape/maze of Manhattan, addresses are key, maps are even better and for some spots, reservations must be made weeks/months in advance.

I will now admit that I have a two page, typed NY Meal & Snack itinerary....

Yes, I'm aware that I have a delicate mental state over food, but when you have limited time and you're on a limited budget, you have to do your research. For example;:Allegretti, a NY Times rated 4 star resto, is waiving their corkage fee for the entire month of August. And Ciao Bella Gelato has a location in FAO Schwatz, meaning that I can eat my icy treats while playing the huge piano as seen in BIG!

So there you have it folks, a glimpse into the mind of a serious foodie. But as you can see, when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, it pays to do your research!

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D. said...

omg me too! i'm moving to NYC in january to intern,one of my closest friends is coming along as well, and we have a 3 page list we started in May listing all the places we wanted to eat, snack, and drink.

i thought i was the only person doing that! haha