Monday, June 28, 2010

Re-inventing leftovers

I arrived at my aunt's house the other night just as my cuz was getting home from Rugby. Being the awesome big cuz that I am, I offered to make him a snack.

I used left-overs. I love leftovers! I love taking bits and pieces and re-inventing them into something entirely different. Not to mention the challenge that they provide to make something that actually tastes good!

The leftovers in question were pork chops, so I turned on the broiler and got to work making a BBQ pork pizza. I sauteed the pork with thin slices of onion and mushrooms, then tossed them in BBQ sauce. On a whole wheat pita, I smeared ranch dressing and thick-cut slices of tomato and layered the pork mixture on top. To finish it off, I grated some cheddar cheese and a sprinkling of hot chilis flakes on top.

Under the broiler for 5 minutes, this was a tasty meal of filling pork, fresh tomato and spicy sauce. Not a bad transformation for a hum-drum, leftover chop!

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Margaret Antkowski said...

A delicious combination of leftovers - and I have to agree, using them as ingredients to make a completely new dish is so rewarding.