Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fried Eggs and Kale

I've recently been experimenting with the variety of greens found at the Halifax Farmer's Market. This week and last actually, I bought a bundle of Kale, a hearty green of the cabbage family. Kale is full of good stuff; vitamin A and C, folic acid, calcium and iron. It's also a good substitute for spinach.

This dish was my breakfast; sauteed kale and fried eggs. It might sound a little less than thrilling, but the tender, salty greens mixed with the rich creamy egg yoke was a combo that I'll make again and again.


Steam the kale to soften, then saute with thinly sliced onions, garlic, S&P and hot chili flakes. Top with the fried eggs - poached eggs would be equally delicious, but I didn't have the patience for water to boil!

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soysauceseasalt said...

yeah! this is amazing. i recommend sauteing the kale with butter, ginger, and garlicand then a bit of soy sauce/sea salt and lemon juice at the end. !!!so good. sriracha optional. soysauceseasaltsoysauceseasalt