Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brooklyn Warehouse tops MY Coast "Best of Food" picks

By now, it's fairly obvious that I have somewhat of a love-affair with the Brooklyn Warehouse. I could say the same old things; food's great, atmosphere rocks, service is fantastic, yada, yada, yada...but the thing that keeps me coming back is the fact that everytime I think about Brooklyn, I remember how much fun I had. This is a great place; it's a neighborhood resto, run by a father and son duo, who really care about the products that go into their meals, quality service and customer satisfaction.

Since I go there somewhat frequently, I've gotten to know George Christakos, and his philosophy on how to run a successful restaurant. It's evident, in watching his interactions with clientele, that lots are repeat customers - and repeats for a reason. Quality and consideration are two ingredients that go into every dish and drink, and for this, Brooklyn Warehouse is truly a winner.

As I write this post, I've just finished the Coast "Best of Food" Survey. Brooklyn Warehouse took top honors in several categories, but most importantly for me - Best Restaurant. After my most recent visit, in which I introduced my sister, visiting from Manhattan, to my favorite resto, Brooklyn took top honors in Best Burger as well. Had Best Caesar Salad been an category, I think it's obvious who would win.

For this meal, my sis and I chose two items that are signatures on Brooklyn Warehouse's menu. My sis also chose the refreshing Green Curry for her entree; a tasty green curry with fantastically fresh veg, but alas, my photog skills failed me for that one. Here, however, are the pics of what I would refer to as the quintessential Brooklyn Warehouse meal:

Caesar Salad
Halved Romaine heart, pancetta, foccacia croutons,
caper berry "That Dutchman's Dragon's Breath" blue cheese dressing

The Brooklyn Burger
7 oz. of grilled, organic N.S beef, Applewood cheddar, double smoked back bacon, served with tomato, onion & pickle,
house-made crispy taters and red pepper mayo

And what a meal this is. The Caesar salad dressing is rich and creamy, slightly pungent with the blue cheese, but with a touch of sweetness to balance. The addition of grilled lemon adds a freshness that lightens up the dressing while adding a smokey zing. The use of pancetta as opposed to bacon is genius, as the thin, salty slices are just the thing to contrast the crisp lettuce.

The burger...oh, the burger. I ate the whole thing - and it ain't small. The patty itself was flawless, but the addition of sweet, smokey Cheddar and salty back bacon raises the bar. The fries were just how I like- crispy on the outside and soft within, while the red pepper mayo was a great alternative to the usual cup of Heinz.

I'm a big supporter of this resto, and not just because I've grown to know and respect both the owners and staff - but because they do it right, providing a wonderful dining experience at affordable prices in the heart of Halifax.

Take a trip to the Brooklyn Warehouse and see for yourself. Then, cast your vote for Best Restaurant and Best Burger. Early bird voting is open now!

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Jack said...

Love your little spot here :)

My hubby and I both love, love, love Brooklyn Warehouse!