Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Comfy-Cozy at Cabin Coffee

When she was in town for the weekend, I took my sis to my new favorite coffee shop; Cabin Coffee. This is a sweet little spot with comfy chairs, casual service and a laid-back atmosphere. Cabin Coffee combines all that is great about a coffee shop; java and sweets but with the added touch of breakfast sammies, soups and salads.

I also love the way they present their treats; in ages-old baking trays that you would imagine in Little House on the Prairie. From these trays emerge sweet and savory, crunchy and chewy baked goods...and you know I've never met a baked good I didn't like!

Chocolate Chip & Bran Muffin

Cheese Scone

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Anonymous said...


I attend the CC on a regular basis and I just relax with my paper and chill. Great people and a friendly atmosphere. Where's my blanky:-)

Thanks guys:-)