Friday, August 6, 2010

Halifax's NEW Seaport Farmer's Market!'s been a long time since I was invited to tag along on the Investor's tour for the new Seaport Market back in May. Haligonians have waited with baited breath to see what's in store for our Saturday morning market trip, and I am one of them. On the eve of the new Seaport Farmer's Market, I like many others, am filled with both anticipation and excitement as to the delights that this new facility will hold. Open seven days a week, with full market days on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, convenience will certainly be one of its charms.

Windows facing the Port of Halifax

The building is phenomenal and the initiatives, incredible. The new market was constructed using recycled and reused materials and sustainable wood and makes use of geo-thermal, wind, and solar techniques to heat, cool and power the buiding. Water conservation menthods were also included in order to feed the market's rooftop gardens.

Wind turbines, view from the roof

A view of the interior in May, 2010

A new bus route is in the works, bicycle racks will be provided and 400 parking spaces have been created. The building will provide amphitheatre space for performances and concerts, a 100-person seating area and a green room where compostable material will be decomposed by worms! Word on the street is that the resulting soil will be used in the rooftop garden and will- my favorite part - be tended by school children! Top notch!

Frame of the mezzanine - the seating/eating area

A 'view from the top' - the rooftop garden, that is...

...and facing the Port...

Along with a covered area to house market stalls in the summer, there are four retail spaces that will run 7 days a week, year round. Market favorites such as Mike's Fish Shop, Fox Hill Cheese House and Big Life Whole Foods will have a presence every day to provide succulent smoked salmon, creamy Havarti and freshly baked baguette. Produce farmers will also come together throughout the week to offer shoppers seasonal produce on a daily basis.

Corridor from the outdoor vendor area to the heart of the market

So there you have it - the general ins and outs of the new Seaport Farmer's Market. Of course, there's plenty more where that came from, and the people involved - arhitect firm Lydon Lynch and the Seaport Farmer's Market Investment group, will be excited to discuss the building's green aspects, and the market's economic benefits. Altogether, the SFM tour unveiled some fascinating stuff that left my jaw dropping on every turn.

But the main question on people's minds, is whose faces they'll see at the SFM, and whose will go unseen - manning their booths at the original institution, the Keith's Brewery Farmer's Market. Some vendors have made the decision to man a booth at both spots, allowing for cautious shoppers to stick to their old routine, while more adventurous market-goers turn their eager faces toward...Well, I'll say it, "change" - something new, progressive, and just what Halifax needs.

Here is just a few of the 70 vendors list who have either chosen to stay at the Brewery Market, or manage two locations:

Acadian Soy Tofu, Big Life Whole Food, Creperie Mobile, Sweets & Herrings, M & S Bakery, Oriental Foods, Fog Bank Studio, Grand Pre Winery, Bowman's Chocolates, Tandoor Spice Blends, Sweet William Meats, Little Dorset Farms, Hutton Family Farms, Lowthers Produce, Wood N Hart Farm, Mannette's Nusery, Patch of Blue Photo, Sudty Farms, Picture it on Canvas, Four Seasons Farm, Dillman Farm, Maple Grove Farm, Roti Kitchen, Raza Clothing, Hac N Sac, Penner's Farm.

This Saturday morning, August 7th, you know where I'll be.
'Sea' you at the Seaport Market! :)


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

As usual, great post!

Thanks for the tour, I can't wait to check out the new Farmer's Market location. I think it's really awesome that they'll be fresh, local food available 7 days a week now. Whoohoo!

Jill Mader said...

Fantastic post! I'm so disappointed that I'm going to be away the next two weekends and won't be able to check it out. It looks phenomenal and will hopefully be a point of pride for the city.

Anonymous said...

I love the Farmers Market! Such a great thing to do for the community and environment. Check out the video at about reasons to go! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wentearly in the morning and really DISLIKED the new location
So loud in there it gave me a headache and I found it harder to get around the crowds and hard to find what I wanted.
In particular I was disappointed with the bad parking situation.

Will try it again,but think the old Brewery market is more my style!