Monday, August 23, 2010

Robert Kenner comes to Halifax, Nova Scotia!

This September, as part of the World Culinary Tourism Summit, also known as One World One Table, Robert Kenner, producer of Food Inc. will be coming to Halifax!

Kenner's film Food Inc. exposed the food industry in North America, and gave viewers a sneak peek as to what happens to our food before it makes it to the grocery store. Amongst the many reviews for the film's merit, it was this tag line that gave me the heebee jeebees: "How much do we really know about the food we buy at our local supermarkets an feed to our families?" Yikes! As a society, we really need to quit ignoring these questions and face the music - Food Inc. will make you do just that.

Don't forget, Robert Kenner will be in Halifax as part of the Culinary Tourism Thought Leadership World Summit on Monday, September 20th at the WTCC, and will present the Opening Addresss: 'The Illusion of Choice' from 10:00-11:00 am. Don't forget to check the website's Agenda as well to see what other events are running throughout the day!
*UPDATE on Robert Kenner's address*
Monday, September 20 at the World Trade & Convention Centre, @ 6:30 pm
The evening's first course will be in the form of a "Local Culinary Journey", offering diners a taste of local dishes from all seven regions of the province. Once your palate is whet, Kenner will speak about the 'high cost of cheap, mass-produced food, and its effect on our environment, health, economy and worker's rights.' Dine on Atlantic Canadian lobster for the main course, as you let Kenner's words sink in, adding some 'food for thought' to your dining experience. And for dessert; a decadent Salon du Chocolate, featuring a 18th century chocolate demonstration from the Fortress of Louisbourg in addition to chocolate sampling. A fine night, indeed!

This event is hosted by Taste of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada Lobster. Tickets are $125 +HST, and are available at Ticket Atlantic (902) 421.1221 or at

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I heard thru Twitter that tickets were going to be for sale to the general public.

I really hope so because I would LOVE to hear him speak! :)