Monday, October 4, 2010

Steve-O-Renos's morning fix - and not just for coffee!

If we follow each other on Twitter, you'll probably see that, at some point on Sat/Sun, I'm tweeting from Steve-O-Renos on Brunswick Street. This spot is my favorite coffee shop in the city; they're a hop from my apartment, the staff are sweet and friendly and the buzz within provides a great background for me to work/blog. And that's just the cafe itself. Not only does Steve-O-Reno's have delicious java, but they also have incredible baked goods - and I'm a sucker for baked goods! FYI - Cabin Coffee and the Daily Grind also have fabulous creations. Java Blend gets its baked goods from Deli Green Catering whose muffins are the moistest I've had in Hali.

Famous for its Morning Glory muffin, I've recently been trying out the blueberry baked goods to see how they compare. I've never been one to crave a blueberry muffin, but when it's 7:30 am, and I'm on my way into work, stopping for a coffee, it's pretty tough to resist.

And this weekend, as I sat, finishing up some blog posts for the coming week, I ordered a blueberry scone to go along with my dark Italian roast. With a lovely crunchy crust and a moist interior, Steve-O's scones provide the perfect contrast of textures for whatever suits you mood - and all in one baked good!

I've yet to try one of Steve-O's breakfast sammies, but I can't imagine that an English muffin or bagel topped w/ egg, tomato, red onion and sprouts could be anything but delicious!

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