Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spanish Tapas night!

Long before the lamented Nova 7 recall, I had some friends of mine over for a Spanish Tapas night. I love getting together with this group of friends, however, its often very difficult to coordinate. We had planned over a month in advance, which gave me over a month to decide on the perfect components to a (simple) Spanish Tapas night.

I had picked up two btls. of wine, a btl. of Spanish White from Bishop's Cellar and a btl. of Nova 7. My friend's bf - the gem that he is - also surprised her w/ a btl. of N7 for her night with the girls!

What a feed! Prosciutto (which is Italian, I know...details...) roasted chickpeas, spicy olives, roasted red peppers, almonds (I couldn't find the classic Spanish almonds, Marcona), fresh fruit, a selection of cheeses, and our friend who works at Ristorante Amano brought their house-made hazelnut and pistachio gelato.

It was meant to be - the Nova 7 matched my tulips!

And here is the spread....

Spicy Olive Mix, among others...

Watermelon, peaches and strawberries

Roasted Red Peppers


Tamari Almonds

Pistaschio & Hazlenut Gellato from Pizzaria-A-Mano

And coming up next? French Supper Club w/ Brie & Bordeaux!

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