Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 courses are better than one at The Bicycle Thief

A few weeks ago, I met a couple friends on Friday night at one of the Bishop's Cellar  wine tastings.  From there,  we met another (new to me) friend, and spent the evening at The Bicycle Thief. It was great to spend an evening talking almost exclusively about wine with my girlfriends...but the food was also a perk to the evening!

Two-Minute Flash Friend Calamari w/ 
garlic & sundried tomato aioli ($9)

I decided on one of my favourite 'bites' as I call them; calamari.  I love these little bite-sized treats; they serve as a great start to a meal, or as the perfect snack when out for a drink.  They are also an exceptional pairing with a bit of bubbly!  The bites were (not surprisingly) delicious; very light and crisp and with the squid being cooked well.  The aioli on the side was creamy and slightly sweet; a lovely compliment.  

Tuna Tartare w/ avocado, sesame cucumber spaghetti & 
pickled ginger wasabi cream ($14)
My friend opted for the tuna tartare, which I've had before.  She asked for very little sesame oil, which was a good idea, since they tend to over-indulge in that dish and it overpowers the tuna.  

Radicchio & Savoy cabbage salad w/ warm garlic pancetta dressing, 
toasted pine nuts and shaved Parmesean ($10)

As I often do when I go out to dinner, I pair a protein-based app with a salad.  This way, I have two plates of lighter fare as opposed to a heavier main course.  And let's face it: two plates are better than one!

This was the radicchio salad.  It should be called the 'radicculous' salad because it is just that good!  Earthy, bitter greens in a warm panchetta vinaigrette with crunchy pine nuts and salty Parmesean cheese?  I was in love; I finished every last bite.  My friend also had the Rucola, hazlenut-crusted goat cheese and papaya salad with a wildflower honey vinaigrette ($10), but I wasn't quick enough to grab a shot.  

I was pretty full by the time we left the BT - on treats that I would definitely order again. I had 2 completely different, filling plates at under $10 each, with the salad being one of the more inventive ones I have tried in Halifax. 

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