Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is one of the busiest days in the food and beverage industry - right up their with Valentine's Day.    While it's wonderful to take mom out to brunch to celebrate her special day, why don't we celebrate mothers every day?

Take mine, for example.  Recently, my ma's been earning bonus points in the 'amazing momma' category.  With some of the hard decisions that I've recently had to make, she's been a wonderful listener, has given advice without being pushy, and has filled me to the bring with her "you can do it!" support.

One of my favourite memories of spending time with my mother was when we used to bake together.  We started when I was little, making Duncan Hynes chocolate cakes for birthdays; and she always let me lick the beaters - sometimes my sis was there and I had to share!   When I found a similar card to the one below, I giggled aloud in the store; my mom was and is great - she always made sure the mixer was not only off, but unplugged!

Happy Mother's Day Momma, and to all those incredible women out 
there who do the world's hardest job everyday - usually, with a smile! :)

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