Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brooklyn Warehouse- A Star is Born

I have to say, normally a sandwich doesn’t really interest me…Normally. You usually get lots of doughy bread with minimal spread, and even less exciting toppings. I was satisfyingly surprised when I ordered a fantastic sammy from the Brooklyn Warehouse. Actually, I made the plan to go when I saw said item on the menu. I went out of my comfort zone with this choice, but the toppings were just so enticing on paper that I had to give it a try. The result was one of THE best sandwiches I’ve ever had…and I’ve thought about it…a lot, ever since.

My meal was a Sweet Smoked Meat Panini for $8.00, with the option of soup or salad for an extra $3.00. The contrast was incredible, layers of sweet vs. heat and a salty bite mellowed by smooth creaminess. The star of this sandwich was tender, thick cut slices of Montreal smoked meat, given an extra kick by the prosciutto; a seasoned salt-cured ham. These were enclosed within a spread of spicy Dijon quark; a Scandinavian cheese with a texture and taste similar to cream cheese, and an apricot marmalade. The richness of the cheese was accented by the bright sweetness of the fruit spread. There were no greens, but they were unnecessary with the other flavors goin’ on. The veg component consisted of thick cut slices of tomato which added another ‘meaty’ element and complimented the spiciness of the Dijon quite well. The oozing, buttery Swiss cheese set off all these flavors. It was not your typical sandwich bread either, but a hearty, earthy rye. Did I mention it was grilled-pannini style?

The Warehouse opened in September 2007. Its décor is funky and eclectic and the open kitchen made for some great entertainment. Tomorrow, April 15th, they will be releasing their new Spring/Summer menu. I just hope this sammy makes the cut. Go- order it! You won’t be disappointed.

2795 Windsor Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Reservations Recommended for Dinner
Reservations not taken for Luncheon

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