Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sarah's Birthday Breakfast Dinner

I asked a friend of mine what she would like me to make for her birthday dinner, and what did she say? BREAKFAST! Out of all the gourmet meals that I could have prepared, she wanted breakfast! However, as it turns out, she had more on her mind than the regular bacon 'n' eggs. This girl is moving to Ireland in a month, and wanted a Traditional Irish breakfast- and that's just what we did. Well, minus the blood pudding… not for the ick factor, but more so for the lazy one!

My favorite meal is actually brunch- I love bacon at any time of day and would incorporate it into chocolate cake if I could (although the thought does somewhat gross me out). I also tend to choose savory over sweet, so I was all over the idea of breakfast for dinner. We started off with a non-traditional appy of Chocolate Chip Banana bread. Actually this was more of an “I have to eat something while I wait for those damn sausages to cook” course. This was accompanied by a toast to the B-day girl with Mimosas, a champagne/o.j cocktail.

Then came the main event, the 'full-on' brekkie if you will. We had eggs over easy, fresh cheesy buns, maple baked beans, breakfast sausage and peppered bacon. To authenticate our ‘Irish’ breakfast, I threw in my personal favorite, a 'must-have' breakfast side dish of roasted grape tomatoes. I tossed the tomatoes in olive oil and S&P, then threw them in the oven on 450 degrees until they popped. They were warm and savory, but still burst in your mouth when you bit down.

Thank goodness that the girls wanted fried eggs as well, ‘cause I was not about to switch it up! Thought it may gross you out, the eggs were gooey with a sunny, runny yoke. The peppered bacon and savory sausage added to the table’s dreamy spread. My favorite bite consisted of a piece of bacon, egg, a roasted tomato and a good crack of black pepper. We were also fortunate enough to have pure Nova Scotian maple syrup and a serious steak sauce that takes fried eggs to a whole new level. I’m sure if we tired we could have made the meal a little more gourmet- we did use beans from a can after all. However, shortcuts aside, we had a great time. Comfort food, laughs and champagne- what else could we ask for?

Happy 25th Griffiths!

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