Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PRUNE 54 East 1st Street

I had been anticipating a meal at Prune since my last trip to NY 6 MONTHS AGO! I heard of Gabrielle Hamilton’s little restaurant and quickly looked it up online at the NY Times restaurant pages. Where the dinner menu didn’t particularly grab me, the brunch menu attacked! It’s a small menu, with only 13 items, but each of these are heart-warming dishes. Classic brunch menu items like Eggs Benedict, Huevos Rancheros and Steak ‘n’ Eggs share the stage with some unusual, inventive items like Sausages & Oysters and Spicy Stewed Chickpeas.
We chose two similarly interesting dishes. I had had my heart set on the Joe’s Dairy since, oh- I dunno…August! And I knew that with one look at the menu, my sister would be going for the Monte Cristo Sandwich.
Though we were hung over, and I mean it- we needed a bit of the hair of the dog. We went for a classic American brunch cocktail- the Bloody Mary. Prune is famous for their Bloody Mary menu with over 10 varieties including the Classic with celery and lemon, Danish with Aquavit Danish vodka, fennel and marinated anchovy and the Southwest mix of tequila, smoked chipotle peppers and lime.
Joe’s Dairy was pretty much fluffy, creamy heaven in a bowl. An alluring mix of supple, plump figs, tart raspberries and rich, buttery pine nuts were nestled in a cloud of lush Ricotta. This concoction was further sinful-ized with a drizzle of glistening, golden honey. For dipping (Goodness- I love dipping) were crispy, crumbly fried dumplings dusted in a blanket of powdered sugar. Dessert anyone?

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