Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SUSHI DAMO 330 West 58th Street

So my first meal in NY came kinda by accident. I was waiting for my sister to finish up a rehearsal- which ended up going for hours! What I thought would be a 9 pm dinner ended up being a late-night feast. But what does one eat at 10:30 in the night when you’re starving? Why Sushi of course!
We started of with Saki martinis- a genius mix of vodka, Japanese beer – yes, not wine, a common misconception- and, our addition of pickled ginger. As is the usual when I go out for sush,i there was a serious danger of me ordering the entire menu, but I curbed my enthusiasm/appetite, and we decided on three inventive, decadent rolls.
The masterpiece that was our late-night snack arrived carrying Crazy Horse rolls composed of three kinds of fish; tuna, yellow tail and salmon, along with avocado & tobiko (lying fish roe). We also relished a sweet, creamy Sweet Potato Roll, and a delightfully refreshing Yuki roll, soft seaweed encompassing spicy salmon, flakes, avocado, cucumber & tobiko.
We left the restaurant sated and content. Crisp, slightly spicy drinks and vibrant, healthy snacks were deemed an invigorating start to my latest NYC culinary adventure.

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chris said...

Sushi Damo is one of the best sushi places i've been to! Look at the 3d pictures at worldpioneers

Sushi Damo

I love this place!!