Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thai feed for New Year's Day!

And so, on New Year's Day, after a night of celebrations, the eating continued. The day started off pretty lazy, but later, I insisted on a nice long walk in the brisk evening air. I think I was in danger of slipping into a food coma at that point...

Earlier in the day, we ordered take-out from Talay Thai to munch on as we watched movies and relaxed on the sofa. One of my favorite take-out spots, Talay Thai never disappoints for fresh, well-packaged take out. And packaging is very important!!

We ordered a nice little selection of hot dishes. My fave is the spicy Thai Green Curry with coconut milk, but we also ordered delicious Cashew Chicken and some Thai comfort food; Pad Thai. Because I always feel the need for something green and fresh - especially with this meal to counteract all the sauces - we also ordered some Fresh Spring Rolls.

The Spread...

Fresh Spring Rolls
Accompanied by a sweet and savoury dipping sauce, these spring rolls had the crisp, fresh, unfooled-around with flavour and texture I was looking for. Simplicity at its best!

Vegetarian Green Curry
Yum! With a heat akin to wasabi, this dish was creamy and spicy. I like green curry so much as the heat seems to slowly creep up on you and permeate your mouth. The vegetarian option provides a good mix of both tofu and veggies - a nice alternative to meat.

Cashew Chicken
Cashew chicken is a luscious Thai dish. Though the sauce was slightly on the cloying side, the crisp vegetables and crunchy cashews provided another layer of texture. The sauce itself was a nice contrast to the creamy coconut milk-based curry sauce.

Pad Thai with Chicken

In essence, this is a pretty plain combo; noodles, green onions and bean sprouts. However, the yummy peanut sauce adds the zing that this dish requires to make it a meal. Tossed with chicken and sprinkled with peanuts, Pad Thai is remarkably filling and fills you up without making you feel weighed down.

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