Thursday, December 4, 2008

B-Day dinns at Baan Thai

Overlooking Dresden Row is one of Halifax's culinary treasures. Though the sign is displayed street side, I had never taken the initiative until my friend mentioned her craving for Thai food. Now, since it was her Birthday that we were celebrating, I left the choice of restaurants up to her...but not without emailing her the suggested menu!

Upon reading the menu, I knew that this would be my choice. It wasn't until I saw roasted duck curry on the menu that I knew she would be like putty in my hands...muahahaha.

Unfortunately, the driving force behind my desire to eat at Bann Thai, the shrimp chips were not available that night. After a little bit of sulking - after all, it wasn't my party, I couldn't cry if I wanted to - we went with the mango salad accompanied by another starter of fish cakes.

The B-day girl went with not one, but two curries! I've never seen anyone with such an enthusiasm for this type of dish. We chose the roasted duck curry, obviously(!), and the Green Jungle Curry, which was insanely hot. We also got an order of Jasmine rice to soak up all the yummy, spicy sauce.


Fish Cakes

The fish cakes were delightful, with a crispy batter enclosing the tender fish. The dipping sauce was a sweet and salty soy based concoction that was the perfect pairing for the tasty, slightly greasy fishcakes. Gotta have a bit of grease every now and then...

Mango Salad

A sweet and refreshing mango salad accompanied the cakes. Tossed with peppers and crisp, almost spicy red onions, our choice of appy combos were in perfect balance.


Roasted Duck Curry
w/ grape tomatoes, basil and pineapple

Thai Green Jungle Curry
w/ pork, eggplant, mushrooms and peppers

This was certainly a great night for a B-day celebration. At the end of the evening, no cake was to be had, as we were all in a food induced comatose state. However judging by the satisfied face of the B-day girl, no cake was needed!

1569 Dresdent Row

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