Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sweet Things to start the Holiday Season

There are a few things that are essential for my Christmas Holiday Season to be complete. Although some (crazy) people need snow, Christmas carols or the sent of pine trees, my necessities are, of course, of the edible variety. There are three things that I crave at Christmas time. To me, the season has not started until I have consumed them all.

Clementines - The quintessential Christmas citrus. This little guy has an almost apricot-like taste, you can eat eleven in one sitting and not feel guilty, and there is always the mindless challenge of peeling them in one piece.

Eggnog - The best thing since...milk? Sidebar, How come there isn't a "got nog" ad campaign? Hmmm, I should get on that one. My heart beats a little quicker when I see these festive cartons appear on the grocery store shelf. Clearly, my first thought goes to a little amber rum and eggnog, 2 ice cubes and a dash of cinnamon...but why stop there? Eggnog in coffee is delish, and I had quite a happy crowd when I recently made eggnog french toast.

Candy Cane Ice Cream - Also tres seasonal. Rich and minty...and a nice flavor change from the usual mint ice cream. Also, I may have mentioned in previous posts that since my wisdom teeth came out, I have a serious relationship with this cold and creamy treat.

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