Monday, June 1, 2009

Mary's Bread Basket

Ah the irresistible appeal of a warm, buttery baked good. .. Last weekend at the market with my newbie to Hali friend Melanie, we tried crepes from the Creperie Mobile. Yesterday, I thought I'd show her Halifax's "best" Cinnamon Roll. Mel was pretty skeptical as to the assumption that she was really in store for such a treat, but once I showed her all the "Best of the Coast" awards, well, the writing is literally on the wall.

And so, fortunately, we arrived just as a piping hot batch of rolls were coming out of the oven....It might seen anti-climactic, but I actually don't have a photo of said culinary wonder. I opted for a pumpkin-poppyseed scone, by far MY personal favorite at Mary's. The scone is a rich, butty mix of sweet pumpkin and crunchy poppyseeds. Slathered with even more butter, and I am one happy gal!

Mel thoroughly enjoyed her bfast as well. I love introducing people to good stuff and watch their reactions; the eyes brighten up and a slow smile spreads across their faces. It's what I like to refer to as the "Hell yeah- that's good" face...we were both wearing those faces this week.


Daniel Asuncion said...

If it's all right with you, I'd like to send a
hyperlink of the "Mary's Bread Basket" part of
your blog... to someone in St. Louis. They're
starting a baking business also.

KarenCaleb P said...

I worked at Mary's Bread Basket back in the 1980's. These were my favorite too! Just made a batch of "Starbucks" scones but really miss that cool, velvety texture of Mary's pumpkin poppyseed scones.