Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday at Brooklyn

When my friend asked me where I wanted to go for dinner on my birthday, my automatic response was "Brooklyn!" Brooklyn Warehouse, that is. I've written about this spot countless times before, but there's a reason for that- it's amazing. The thing about the BW is that I know that I'll never be disappointed. Consistency is key here, as is quality and innovation. They simply just know how to create good food. Special occasions aside, the atmosphere at BW is what gets me every time- I went for my Bday, but it's also a favorite to meet up with good friends for lunch, brunch OR dinner.

We started out w/ some apps; Hummus and Pig Fish and then moved on to the Rabbit and Fish Dish. The hummus plate consisted of nothing but great flavours; creamy chickpea spread and soft, warm flatbread from a local bakery accompanied by a little pile of warm, marinated kalamata olives. This was a serious cure to my crisp winter chill.

Hummus Platter

Pig Fish is a favorite of mine. Though I've had it a couple times before, it was something I just couldn't pass up. This is BK's take on the ever-popular scallop and bacon combo, just much better! Jerked pork belly is served alongside plump seared scallops and accented with a punchy mango-lime sauce.
Pig Fish

For the main event, though virtually every entree left me salivating, I went with a lighter option and chose the Fish Dish while my friend ordered the heartier Rabbit. The fish was Arctic char served with an apple-arugula salad and brown butter risotto. In my books, anything served with a risotto (done well, that is) is a winner. The combo of meaty fish with crispy skin and nutty risotto was luxurious, while the contrast of tart apple and spicy arugula on top was just the thing to cut through the dish's rich base.

The rabbit was a braised rabbit leg and loin stuffed with ham hock and served with mushroom smashed potatoes and roasted carrots. The description alone is enough to ensure a warm, savory dish. The rabbit meat was tender and flavourful, while the mushroom smash was a creative take on mashed potatoes.

Fish Dish


Though urged to order dessert, mah belly was full and satisfied. As my bday is in January, I've come to equate a birthday dinner with warm, hearty comfort food, food I know I'll get at the BW. Check out the Brooklyn Warehouse's Prix Fixx menu on Hali Bites here.

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Kim H said...

omg I LOVE the Brooklyn - I live on Dublin St, like a 10 minute walk away - and my mom works in the area so she started frequenting it and got me hooked too! The char is one of their best dishes, and their hummus is some of the best I've ever eaten too (and I've eaten LOTS O HUMMUS!). I love the service and the atmosphere too, they really add style and flavour to my 'hood.