Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bday Bites at The Bitter End

On the eve of my sister's  ?  th birthday, as she was visiting from Manhattan, we went for celebratory snacks and drinks at the Bitter End Martini Bar. We wanted to eat a busy place, and were mostly interested in the booze, so I quickly found a spot for two at the bar and we set to work on our vodka martinis with a side of jelly worms. 

As we were heading out for a night on the town, we wanted to some smaller plates to take the edge off of our noisy stomachs. We settled on two snacks from both end of the taste spectrum; a light salad, and an obscene amount of ooey-gooey baked cheese.  The Pear salad was served with mixed greens, red onion, walnuts, Bartlett pear and smoked Applewood cheddar with honey dijon vinagrette.  I'm not normally a fan of dressings, and usually get them on the side, so I was bummed when the salad arrive - dressing on - ad I realized that I had forgotten to make the request.  No matter though, as the dressing was sweet and tangy and complimented the other items in the dish nicely.  I'm always a fan of Applewood Cheddar, and it's nutty bit was a lovely contrast to the fresh, juicy pear.
Pear Salad
How can you go wrong with Saganaki really?  Kasseri cheese sauteed in olive oil and black pepper and flambeed with Sambuca and Brandy is my idea of a good time.  Though certainly not for someone watching their waistlines/blood pressure/cholesterol and all that, it's a tasty, salty bite that pairs particularly well with a bit of bubbly, which the bartender had just popped open once the cheese arrived.

This was a nice little snack for two, and with all that cheese, we filled up quickly!  From there, a couple of our cousins joined us, we had a few more drinks and then made our way to Obladee for some more wine to finish off the night. Though given the option, I'd likely pick Manhattan to celebrate my bday, I think we did a pretty good job to show that New York City gal some fun on her Bday in Halifax!

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