Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Susie's Shortbreads' 2nd Birthday!

This past Saturday, I met up with a childhood friend of mine and her little one for a fun-filled trip to Susie's Shortbreads. Susie's, a local bakeshop that specializes in shortbreads, but has become renowned for their cupcakes, was celebrating its 2nd Birthday!

I remember opening day, 2 years ago, when my bestie and I stopped in to Susie's just after the first annual IncrEDIBLE Picnic at Garrison Grounds. On that particular visit, I tried the light, innocently sweet Strawberry Fields cupcake. Last year, for Susie's 1st Birthday, I ordered the delightful Swiss Alpes cupcake with a creamy chocolate buttercream and a chunk of Toblerone on top.

This year's Birthday, though, was by far the best. In addition to it being a beautiful sunny day, we decided to hang out on the grass, in the shade on Citadel Hill, let the little one run around and savour the sweetness both the cupcakes and the last days of summer. My choice this year was the Better than Butterfinger; a white cake studded with pieces of Crispy Crunch, and topped with a chocolate-peanut butter buttercream.

Better than Butterfinger

For me though, Nico, my friend's two-year old daughter was the best part. As we discussed her upcoming Birthday and my mind turned over the Birthday present possibilities, Nico ran around, squealing with delight, holding her mushed up, grass and dirt covered cupcake... With icing all over her dress, face and hands, I realized that life just doesn't get any sweeter than this.

little Nico :)


Christine said...

yuummmm - that looks good! Although with this heat, I think I will fulfill my ice cream craving today - and my cupcake craving next week!

aliceinparis said...

I cannot get past their Suzie Special. A simple cupcake with double the vanilla. Addicted I am:)