Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beat the Heat with Stutz Hard Cider

I'm sitting on my balcony this Wednesday evening being thankful for several things; thankful that I'm not moving today (Sept. 1st), thankful that there is a slight breeze way up here on the 4th floor; thankful that I'm not the crazy jogger who just ran by; and thankful that I have a refreshing bevy in hand.

You's currently 40 degrees...for real! I've lived in NS for 5 summers now, and never have I experienced this kind of heat. I'm not really complaining either....except that there is only 1/2 of my bottled beverage left, which means that I'll have to go to the store - at this point, there's no way my life can go on without this icey-cold treat in my hand.

The icey-cold treat in question? It's Stutz Cider, what else? There's only one word for Stutz; delicious, no two; refreshing, wait three; crisp....well you get the idea. Stutz Cider was developed in 2002 and has been amassing a devout following ever since. It hails from the Stutz family in just outside Wolfville at Grand Pre Vineyards. Sure, I could easily drink a Strongbow cider, but why would I want to when Nova Scotia offers a delicious equivalent?

Seriously, this is a drink that not only tastes great, it makes you feel great for supporting a local business. And talk about feeling great? As the ad indicates, when you drink Stutz, you've got serious Sex Appeel!


Suzie Ridler said...

This is Ottawa-style heat and I loathe it! You have inspired me, will throw some Stutz in the fridge so it is nice and chilled for Hurricane Earl.

aliceinparis said...

Hi Kristen, I loved my Stutz too. Drank it all before I could try anything adventurous with it:)

RunDiRun said...

Plus Stutz knocks Strongbow out of the park. So much tastier!