Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Chocolate Essentials

Ah- 'Tis the season for Christmas chocolate. You know, those chocolates that only come around during the holiday season...or so I thought. I realized that, at Christmastime, I always get excited when my boss' candy bowl fills up with Quality Street or packages of Icy Squares are displayed by the cash at the drug store. But really, these chocolates are available year- round, Iust associated them with Christmas.

Of course, when I started pondering this topic, I had to find out which ones out which ones signified Christmas for my colleagues, friends and family. It's a long list, but I'm sure you'll find your favorites. Mine are marked *!

Quality Street

Ferrero Rocher

Guylian Belgian Chocolate

After 8 Dinner Mints

Pot of Gold Collection

*Moritz Icy Squares*

Terry's Chocolate Orange

Andes Mint Thins

*Neilson Macaroons*

*Lindt Lindor*


Anonymous said...

I vote for Quality Street. Tasty!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

I used to get a box of After Eights in my stocking every year!!

There also used to be Black Magic (basically the same as Pot of Gold, but better IMO).


christine said... favs are quality street and after 8s...I even ate them before 8 :)