Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Fest on the Upper West!

As I mentioned on my Christmas morning post, Angie and I had quite the feast in store. Once we finally got in gear, I poured up two strong spiced rum & eggnogs to go along with the delish selections.

First up, was the bread- awww yeah. The bread was an apricot-hazelnut parisienne from Silver Moon Bakery- sis's favorite bakery on the UWS.

That was sliced thinly and toasted to that the cheese would melt right in. Which brings me to the additions; creamy goat cheese and Camambert (which, I've decided, I do not like), my aunt's homemade red wine jelly and Calimyrna figs with uncured applewood smoked bacon with lots of black pepper.

While I slathered my toasted bread w/ goat cheese, red wine jelly and sweet figs, Angie made mini sammies with the Camembert.

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Stephanie said...

Yum, what an amazingly decadent spread!!!!

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