Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quality Street Lovers, pay attention!

Since I had so many comments about people's love of Quality Street chocolates for my Christmas Chocolate Essentials post earlier this week, I thought that several people might be cheered to know of these little goodies. I was in Pete's Frootique the other day and noticed something, well, brilliant!

It turns out that the people behind Quality Street chocolates have chosen a few of their favorites to sell individually. Better still, they're about three times the size of the originals! So enjoy a BIG bite of your favorite holiday chocolates this season. And if anyone tries to touch your special treat, you can say "That's MY_____!"

Chocolate Noisette Pate

Milk Chocolate w/ Hazlenut & Caramel

Caramel Swirl

1 comment:

Jenn :) said...

we put one of these in my mother's stocking :) yummy!