Saturday, November 8, 2008

Comforting Curry

I love sloppy food. Appetizing hey? Seriously, curry is comfort food for me. The pungent flavors can pair wonderfully with any kind of meat and virtually every vegetable. Even better is the way the sauce seeps into every grain of rice, making almost for a warm, savory rice pudding.

This week I went for lunch with my brand new colleagues at Fan's Restaurant in Dartmouth. We decided on the Curry sauce chicken; perfect for sharing, or for one big appetite. This was a good choice- chunks of juicy chicken within a mild earthy curry , sweet red peppers and tender caramely onions. This was served with fluffy white rice that soaked up the sweet and spicy sauce.

What a way to start off this new adventure; good food and great company. I grabbed a take-out menu on the way out. I have a feeling it'll be dog-eared in no time.

Fan's Restaurant

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