Saturday, November 15, 2008

Titz'n Glitz 2008

Last week, I took part in a spectacular event. I was the Food Chair for Titz'n Glitz, a Breast cancer fundraiser held at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel with proceeds going to "On the Front Line" Breast Cancer Society.

It was not an easy task to coordinate food for 750 ladies on a virtually non-existent budget. I was a busy bee generating sponsorship and donations...not to mention planning a bangin' menu. I could not have achieved these results, however, without the wonderful organizations who came through to give to a great cause.

It ain't called Titz'n Glitz fer nothin'!

Pete's Frootiqe was the logical place to go to get some fresh, and luscious fruit. Yoplait donated some of their creamy Source Yogurt for the health conscious, and the Chefs at Cora's Breakfast and Lunch took on the task of carving up melons for the fruit display.

Chef Jeffrey Wilfong created the fruit and vegetable displays. I gave him some images of what I had in mind, and boy, did he deliver!

Pete's Frootique also worked out an incredible cheese selection. Not only did they provide some scrumptious cheeses, but they supplemented this display with a multitude of additions to create amazing bites. Nuts, grapes, dates and figs shared the stage with pomegranites and papaya to please the palate!

Creamy cheese plate with Brie and Camembert

My favorite cheese plate; the stinky cheeses with THREE Dragon's Breath Blue, Dubliner Cheddar, Stilton and Goat's Cheese.

Hard cheeses plate with Cranberry Cheddar, Old Cheddar,
Gouda and Swiss

To go along with the scrumptious cheese from Pete's Frootique, Julien's Bakery donated a mountain of bread. We're not just talkin' baguettes, though theirs are fantastic. There were chewy and crispy, savory and sweet!

The menu also consisted of a variety of 'bars', but not the ones you have in mind. Nope, these were some 'do-it-yourselfers', and I'm pretty sure they were a hit.

Taco Bar
Chipotle Marinated Steak,
Tequila-Citrus Marinated Chicken
Shrimp and Black Bean,
w/ all the fixins'

Sundae Bar, courtesy of Sobeys:

Chocolate sauce, Caramel sauce, Oreo cookie crumbs, Skor Bites, Hershy's Mint Chocolate Chips Mini M&Ms, Sprinkles, Blueberries and Raspberries to accompany Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, generously donated by Scotsburn.

You can't have a sundae w/out Cookies
and Brownies and Squares- Oh My!

The Party Cake

Shauna Austin of City Girl Cakes put this broad together. I love chocolate cake and I have to say, that I've never tasted anything like this creation. Her cake was moist, and both dense and light all at once!

It was a great night for a greater cause. Slightly stressful, but a valuable experience for me, Titz'n Glitz 2008 was an event I'll never forget.

For more information, or to make a donation, go to:

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