Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mussels at Brussels

One of my absolute favorite meals is mussels, fries and beer. This Friday, I went for dinner with my friend Dori at a resto that caters to that very craving, a mussel and beer Mecca if you will; Brussels Restaurant & Brasserie.

I visited this restaurant in the summer briefly, and was waiting for someone who would appreciate this combo to come along- Thanks D! The resto itself is a lovely venue in which to spend an evening. The friendly, yet luxe atmosphere is created by comfortable seating and wood panelling throughout the space. The Brussels menu has a separate mussel section, making it the most varied crustacean selection the in the city

Not only does the resto offer an extensive mussel menu, but they have a wide variety of domestic beer (great) and imported European beers (even better). I started the night with an Austrian pilsner, Steigle; a light beer which complemented the seafood and cheese nicely.

The resto has many a mouth-watering offering, but this evening, I was there to indulge my mussel craving, and indulge, I did. D and I shared three dishes; mussels and fries, obviously.

Congo Mussels cooked w/ Ginger, Lemongrass & Green Chilies in Coconut Cream
Tender mussels in a rich, spicy broth

Frites w/ Mayonnaise

This element is critical for me, and Brussels delivered with home cut fries, crispy on the outside and soft within, and a creamy, tangy mayonnaise

Adennaise: Mussels topped with Ham, Endive and Gruyere

Ah, mussels and cheese- What a combo. Especially when supplemented with salty ham and a soft, buttery Endive

If you're a mussel lovah, and want to get your fix, Brussels is the place to go. Not only do they have terrific food, and a beautiful aesthetic, but it's way affordable. The meal + a couple more brews, was just over $50.00.

Brussels Restaurant & Brasserie
902. 446.4700


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