Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A few thoughts courtesy of the Amateur Gourmet...

On my Google reader, I receive daily updates from other food bloggers about their delicious meals and recipes, as well as general foodie tid-bits.

Some of these tips, are essential to livin' it up with a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Example, The Amateur Gourmet's advice on saving $ at restos. I don't go that far, but it was good for a laugh...thought you might enjoy one!

"Some Tips For Saving Money At Restaurants in Hard Economic Times"

1. Go for lunch, not dinner;
2. Ask for bread;
3. Order something you can dip the bread into (a bowl of steaming mussels);OR
4. Order something you can make a sandwich out of (a tomato feta salad, for example--just tear the bread open and stuff the tomato and feta inside);
5. Feel full and happy and realize that, with the free bread, your fancy restaurant meal was less than $10.

And that's how to save money at restaurants in hard economic times.

-The Amateur Gourmet, October 9th

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