Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Alexander Keith!

Seeing as I'm conducting research to be a walking encyclopedia of food, wine, beer and booze, I knew that I had to attend the much anticipated birthday of the father of Nova Scotia's darling, Alexander Keith. When I heard that the line-up included some of my favorite Nova Scotian bands,I was even more determined. I don't really like to consider myself a "groopie", but if the shoe fits... As of noon today I didn't have a ticket and mulled over this predicament all morning until my friend Adele phone me at 3 pm to extend the invitation to join on her group pass.
Success-Problem solved!

It's funny that, growing up in St. John's NL, and REALLY growing up on George Street, my treat at the end(or beginning) of a long night's shift was a pint 'o' Keith's. I'd sit on the barstool and watch the bubbles rise in the amber ale while my friends would make fun of how huge the pint glass looked in my little hand. It wasn't until I moved to Halifax in 2005 that I realized Nova Scotia's serious loyalty to their brew.

I'll never forget my first night downtown in Halifax. At the Lower Deck, I asked for an India Pale Ale, thinking that I would get my fave Newf beer with the Newf dog on the label. The server passed me a bottle of Keith's. I corrected him of course, in my gutsy, scrappy way, that he had given me the wrong brew. I'll never forget the look on his face that said "$#@*^ tourist!" Then he slowly (and quite arrogantly) pointed out the INDIA-PALE-ALE across the front of the Keith's label. Bygones dude, I clearly learned my lesson.

Keith's Brewery produces several fine beers in the form of Keith's India Pale Ale, Keith's Light, Keith's Red Amber Ale and Keith's Traditional Ale. Not one to ever order a "light" beer, I indulged in the latter two for the evening.

Now, I'll apologize in advance for these awful photos, but when you're 5" nothin' in a crowd, could you really expect anything better?

Set in the Halifax Citadel, tonight's B-day celebrations would have made Alex proud. Slowcoaster, a trio of lads from Cape Breton set the party mood with their fun mix of high energy rock meets hip-hop meets reggae tunes. This band certainly got the crowd going for a great party. Though I would love to post a video, I decided against it because they're all so jumpy. I can't help it- These boys make me bop around. But I did get some photos, so "Here's the money shot for ya"...(Well, not really, but you get the idea!)

Wintersleep closed the night with some new tunes and crowd favorites. These guys continue to impress me with their mix of hardcore tunes and poetry. Again, another band that simply won't let me stand complaints here!

I'm pretty pumped that I lucked out with my free ticket. After all, how often does one get to attend a celebration on historic grounds to celebrate a man who shaped the party scene for Nova Scotia? I think one word sums up this night fairly well...Sociable!

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