Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Thanksgiving Day Feast

I went to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend. My parents were stopping in on their way to Manhattan to visit my sissy, and it just so happened that they arrived on Thanksgiving Monday. Now, my family is fairly traditional when it comes to turkey-lurkey, so I made them a deal: they let me make whatever I wanted, and I would make it all!

I started prep at 6pm on Sunday night, started again at 8 am on Mondy, put the bird in the oven at 9, and sat down to eat at 1pm. It was a great meal and a great, I have tons of ideas for my Christmas turkey!

More to come on this one...I just love the photo!
-Courtesy of my cousin Robbie

Oatmeal-brown bread stuffing with Cortland apple, pecans and crunchy celery

Carrots and Sweet potatoes drizzled with Nova Scotian maple syrup

Broccoli, brussel sprouts and green beans tossed in olive oil, hot chilies and bacon.

Red-skinned potatoes mashed with butter, cream and rosemary.

Pumpkin pie with cinnamon whipped cream and hot buttered rum sauce.

Obviously, the main event is the gobbler, so I made sure that it was irresistible.
Yup, I sure did dress the bird with bacon!

That's all folks!

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