Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

I went to visit some of my relatives this past weekend, and when I arrived, the sweetest little treats were awaiting me. These sweets weren't candy though, far from it. My uncle had seen some napkin rings and thought that I should have them as dinner-table jewelery!

I'm pretty fortunate in the fact that I'm sort of notorious for my food obsession. Whenever my birthday, or Christmas comes around- which are very close together, I get food-based gifts. And I wouldn't want any other way. Actually, it just so happens that some of the best gifts that I've ever received have been of a culinary nature, case end point: these little beauties.

Here are my top fave foodie prezzies- in no particular order:

1. Blow torch. Yeah, that's right. My sis got me a blow torch from Williams-Sonoma, created for
the specific purpose of melting the sugar atop of creme brulee.

2. Popcorn machine. My friend Claire gave me an invaluable gift of an air-pop popcorn machine. I have an odd fixation with popcorn, I generally have a bowl of it every day, and have often astounded people with the amount that I can eat in one sitting. I mean, why not- It's just air

3. Back to my sis, who gave me another gem from Williams-Sonoma. The mother of all piping bags, which allows you to decorate cakes with adorable frosting techniques, or, the ultimate
sweet indulgence, pipe even more icing into the middle of a cupcake!

4. A cake caddy. Yup, I'm one of those girls. My friends Hayley and Chelsea gave me a plastic cake caddy composed of a tray on which to place the cake with a dome cover that locks AND has a handle. It's so damn cute that I've contemplated using it as a purse. JK!

5. "Diamond" napkin rings...need I say more?

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