Sunday, September 7, 2008

Waiting it out the at The Argyle

My sister and I were walking up Blower's street this afternoon when we got caught in a downpour. My logical response to this predicament was that we stop in on Argyle Street, grab a beer and wait it out.

We popped in to The Argyle on Argyle and got two pints of Rickard's Red. After one sip, we were craving a salty munch to go along with our libations, so we ordered some nachos with chicken and guacamole.

It was a great little snack in the middle of the afternoon and exactly what we wanted; salt and spice and everything nice. Not bad for a plate of good grub under 10 bucks, and, mission accomplished, it satisfied our craving and kept us dry!

FYI- The Argyle also has a GREAT Blue cheeseburger!

The Argyle
1575 Argyle Street


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