Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rich and creamy treats at the market

This Saturday, I deviated from my usual baked treat and thought I'd give something else a try. I stood in the mile long line-up at Boulangerie La Vendienne, thinking that whatever I get, judging by the line-up every Saturday, their goods must be spectacular.

I was gonna go for a pain-au-chocolat; a delicious chocolatey croissant, but once I got to the front of the line a delicate flaky pastry with slivered almonds on top called out "try me!", and so I did. My original plan was thrown out the window and I bought a wonderful concoction of chocolate croissant meets almond cream and apricot goodness. There was so much going on within this sneaky pastry's sweet, innocent exterior, that I was surprised... pleasantly, but surprised none the less.

From Ted Hutton I purchased yet another oddity; a buttercup squash. I'm slowly going through the species here, and am enjoying it immensely. The buttercup squash is richer than most. With a bright orange flesh, the sweet squash was beautiful roasted with rosemary, sage, hot chili flakes and full cloves of garlic. Another piece of vegetable candy; garlic cloves, roasted with their skin on, lose their piquant taste and become sweet and mushy.

And so, it was yet another day of delights at the Halifax Farmer's Market!

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