Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun at The Fireside

scallops Some foodie friends of mine are in town, and tonight we had snacks at The Fireside. First of all, the Fireside on a Monday night is one hoppin' place. With all martinis on special for $4.50, taxes in, it's no wonder!

After about 15 minutes of feeling like a lioness stalking her prey, we finally spied a table and settled in with the menu. Since the Fireside's online menu features photos of some of their most popular dishes, I had already decided that I would dine on their seared scallops. My friends chose an order of three cheese nachos with cheddar, mozza and Jarlsberg.

The scallops were served on top of tender, sliced portobello mushrooms. With a fresh salad of arugula and alphalpha sprouts, the dish was completed with a wasabi dijon sauce. The plump scallops had a slightly crisp, caramelized exterior, which was nicely complemented by the tangy sauce. I paired it with Jost's L'Acadie Blanc chardonnay, whose crisp acidity balanced the velvety sauce.

nachosThe nachos certainly had potential, but I think a little more effort might be required. It was almost as if the toppings had just been thrown on top. Clearly, they just need a 'lil more lovin'! I have to give the kitchen props though-the idea of Jarlsberg on nachos is mildly euphoric. We were also provided substantial servings of sour cream and salsa. Normally, my portion cups are empty after two scoops.

Once we were seated, the service was good, the place was buzzin, and we definitely had a "buzz" on. Not a bad end for the beginning of the week.

The Fireside
1500 Brunswick Street


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