Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mezza: Mediterranean Soul Food

Tonight, I let my friend choose a place for dinner. Actually, it was more so the fact that I always have the responsibility to choose a resto, and I wanted none of the pressure. Nope, tonight, I just wanted to sit back, relax and be fed.

We ended up at Mezza on Quinpool Road. This place is fantastic! We walked into a beautiful space, decorated with vibrant orange that matched the equally vibrant aroma of sweet garlic and roasted meat-mmmm, meat.

Our server Jacinda really helped us out when faced with the massive selection. Her description of "the smoothest and creamiest hommus in the city" made it impossible to pass up, likewise with her lamb kebab description. She also helped us map out our game plan where, in a resto with so many small plates, a strategy is seriously needed.

We went for Mezza's Mezzet Sampler; a huge platter blanketed in lettuce leaves cradling mounds of creamy hommus, baba ganoujh, zesty taboule and fatoush salad. Dotted around the platter was a selection of delightfully crispy, salty and deep-fried treats including kebbe, vegetable kebbe, warek enab, and phylo cheese rolls.

Since we are both avid carnivores, a little more meat was needed, so we ordered a roasted lamb kabab to share. The lamb kebab, it seems, was made to refer to the term "succulent". I was delighted to find out that Mezza proudly features only Nova Scotian lamb.

We were served more food than we could ever eat; a dazzling platter with a selection of familiar dishes, and those a little less so, but all making me bite my lip in restraint. After all, when you're served this much food, the trick is to pace yourself, and I never eat without a plan.

Mezza Mediterranean Grill
6383 Quinpool Road


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