Thursday, September 4, 2008

Onyx: Halifax' best Wednesday night deal!

We decided to do it up at Onyx tonight. The initial thrill was the fact that on Wednesday night, Onyx has, in my opinion, the best 'bang for your buck' in Halifax, with 1/2 priced appetizers. Tonight, though they showcased the food aspect, I have to say that I received some of the best service Halifax has to offer. Not only did our server Jessica recommend some delicious dishes, but she actually presented each dish in detail; how often does that happen?

We were quite ambitious with the menu. We started off with fois gras, the Burgundy sampler, Ceasar salad and the Kobe Beef. Next, we had the Venetian sampler, and calamari. Though I normally love describing everything in detail, there was just too much to describe...So here we go, jot-note form:

-Ceasar Salad; phenomenal- crunchy romaine, lightly seasoned, salty double-smoked
pork belly and crispy Parmesan tuille.

-Burgundy sampler; rich escargot, sweet artichokes and a stunningly prepared Gougere
w/smoked salmon and boursin cheese.

-Fois gras; picture this, the BEST pate you've ever had; sweet and salty, with
pickled yellow plums that explode in your mouth.

-Venetian sampler; spicy sausages, luxurious, creamy asparagus with white truffle
risotto and jumbo seared shrimp.

-Calamari two ways; cooked with a mild salsa verde, and deep-fried with a sweet
apricot sauce.

-Tender Kobe Beef: 'nuff said.

Believe me, I've had delectable treats at Onyx before. But I say with as much enthusiasm as I can: GO, you'll have an evening of great food and great service. Unfortunately, there are not many places in Hali where I can assure you both of these fine things. Fortunately, at Onyx, I can.

5680 Spring Garden Road


Kristen said...

I am still not over that meal!!

Kristen said...

oops - it is actually Angela using Kristen's computer who is still not over that meal...