Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday night feast at Morris East

pizzaThis past Friday, I went to Morris East for dinner. With the restaurant's sparkling reputation, I don't know why I figured we could get a table for two at 8:30, but that's beside the point. When we arrived, the line-up was curling out the door and spilling onto the street. It's a good thing they still have their patio furniture because that's where we perched for the 10 minute wait.

Pleasantly enough, some foolish souls abandoned their place in line, and we were bumped to the front. Once inside, the smell of garlic, tomatoes and cheese hit me like a heat wave in August. We were seated at a nice two seater in the middle of the resto and proceeded to review the menu. I use the term "review" in a literal sense as I have frequently studied the menu! I had decided on the pork, peach and goat's cheese pizza, while my friend went for the spicy pepperoni.

The service at Morris East is spot on. Less than 10 minutes after we ordered, we were served two steaming pies. My pizza was phenomenal; sweet grilled peaches with salty prosciutto and creamy goat's cheese. I chose the whole wheat crust, which I dipped in the resto's signature chili oil.

I do wish that they had been a little more generous with the toppings however. After all, the combo of flavors were so delicious, I could eat that pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner., I take that back, as I'm excitedly anticipating what my friend ordered, the spicy pepperoni and banana peppers, for my next visit.

Morris East
5212 Morris Street


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Christine said...

I absolutely adore Morris East! I used to live on Church Street so it was an easy choice for dinner. You've reminded me to swing by again... When does YFM get reviewed? ;)