Monday, September 1, 2008

A plea for Alexandra's!

A friend of mine mentioned the other day that he heard that Alexandra's Pizza had a great poutine. This is a fact to which I am very familiar! As per my usual brain function with any type of food, as soon as I heard the word 'poutine', I had an immediate craving.

So....I indulged myself today. Come to think of it, I noticed that I've been indulging quite often lately, but until I see that effect on my waistline, I have no intention of curbing my food enthusiasm.

I called in my order, and waited with baited breath a full six minutes out of the advised 15 minute wait. When I got to Alexandra's, and my turn came, I asked the girl behind the counter "Is it ready yet?" a la five year old on a road trip. She laughed and handed me a warm package, adding "enjoy Kristen!" as I skipped out the door. When I arrived back at my cozy little apartment, I poured a glass of pinot noir (what else would you have with fries, cheese and gravy?), and dug in.

The small poutine is, well, huge- a mound of crispy fries, chewy mozzarella cheese curds, and a thick, salty gravy. The ultimate late-night, or, as in my case today, thunder and lightning storm snack. For a few weeks, Alexandra's had a 'mini' poutine, which, for mini people like me was more than enough. Sadly, as often as I voice my objections as to the loss, it seems to have little effect. So again, I plead to the owners and staff of Alexandra's "Please bring back the mini!"

Alexandra's Pizza
1263 Queen Street


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