Sunday, August 31, 2008

Darrell's is dynamite!

I finally made the trip to Darrell's this Friday. Though it's just around the corner from me, and I had heard rave reviews about this place, I had never been. I had a somewhat obscene craving for a cheeseburger all day, and Darrell's, I decided would be the place to fill it.

I promised myself that when I went to Darrell's, I would order the famous Peanut Butter burger. I have high hope for this burger- I mean, how can you go wrong? Beef- good, peanut butter-good, so what's not to like I told myself? Well, I'll admit, I wimped out on the PB. My desire for a really good burger was so intense that I didn't have the guts to risk not enjoying it. I'll have to save it for the next visit.

I can see how Darrell's is voted as having the 'Best Burger in Halifax' by The Coast readers five years running. It hit the spot just right. The hamburgers are big; a juicy beef patty w/ bacon, fresh, ripe tomato and cheddar cheese. I also got a side of the resto's namesake fries, well wedges really. Crispy on the outside and soft within, they were seasoned with a slightly spicy salt. It kinda reminded me of a staple in my kitchen; Lawry's seasoning salt.

The restaurant itself is a little dated, but therein lies it's appeal. It almost has a 50's drive-in feel, without the drive in! With comfy booths and a cheery atmosphere, Darrell's satisfied my craving for a great burger and a great night.

This image is one of Darrell's Peanut Butter burger, and admitably, is not mine. I got it from as I didn't have my camera on hand for this visit. I felt the need to add some visual imagery in order to emphasize the effect of this resto's 'YUM' factor not only on the stomach, but on the eyes as well.

5576 Fenwick Street


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scott said...
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scott said...

I won't lie. I love Darrell's!

But I do have to say, I hate their burgers. Whether it's the PB burger, regular burger, bacon cheese burger or what have you, I've had them all. Their beef is so bland and chewy, I can't handle it.

Now in saying that, anything to do with their chicken is amazing! They've recently changed their menu to remove my favorite sandwich, the "chicken fajita burger", but the "Cajun Chicken" and "pollo con chipotle" sandwiches have done a pretty good job of filling the void. And then there's the fail-safe, "club wrap" which is pretty fantastic as well.

As per the decor, they actually just re-did the place not too long ago. Upstairs has it's appeal and their patio is great but I quite like the bar part downstairs with the big screen tv. Maybe it's just the TV I like.

I've had great service there and I've had terrible service there, either way, I always seem to make it back at least once a month.

Brewnoser said...

Hey, that pic the PB Burger - I was there when it was taken! I toured Jim Leff around Halifax when he was here. I am still a bit upset that he never had time to hit the Chickenburger in Bedford...

Me, I hate peanut butter.