Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cheeky plums and Callaloo

I always leave the Farmer's market feeling high as a kite- this Saturday, moreso than usual. The reason? Success! I was a 'lil woman on a mission today. After last Saturday's disappointment, and, I'll admit, subsequent minor depression, failure was not an option. I arrived at Julien's bakery at 9:45, and purchased the LAST apple feuillette. Thank goodness I arrived when I did, because this sweet and flaky bundle of joy made the perfect breakfast.

Speaking of joyous bundles, I also bought a bunch of small yellow plums today from Lowthers' Produce. I didn't particularly have a craving for them, but they looked so cute I just couldn't walk away. With some of these juicy globes having a faint or fantastic tint of red, they reminded me of fat baby's cheeks. Actually, to be more specific, a fat, laughing baby's cheeks. The visual imagery that came to mind made these sweet fruit impossible to pass up.

I always try to buy something that I've never worked with before. For this type of mission, I headed to Ted Hutton Farms. For some reason, he always has something intriguing; a different green, a weird-looking squash or, on this occasion, veg with a funny name! I picked up a bunch of Callaloo. Although, when I got home and did a little research, I found out that Callaloo is actually a Jamacan dish, whose main ingredient is Amaranth. It has the characteristics of spinach, and is best eaten cooked. I've got some good ideas for this stuff-stay tuned.

For the road, I stopped of at Fox Hill cheese. Not that I really NEEDED any more treats on this trip, I saw the tub of mango gelato and couldn't walk away. Gelato is, after all, a weakness of mine. It's funny actually, every time I think I find a favorite, the next one is even better! Hazlenut, cherry and caramel are among my faves.

Julien's Bakery

Lowthers' Rpduce

Ted Hutton Farms

Foxhill Cheese

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