Friday, August 8, 2008

Seaport Farmer's Market

I mentioned the new Seaport Farmer's Market in my post on Saturday. I got to thinking that I really should take a minute to praise the city's environmentally friendly endeavor. This structure, designed by Lydon Lynch will be one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in Halifax. Its slogan, very similar to the (close to my heart) Slow Food movement, is "Local-Sustainable-Ethical."
The building, created in tune with LEED certification standards-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, has on overall goal of reducing it's environmental footprint and CO2 emissions by 20%.
Designer Keith Tufts said in a recent press conference that the new market was designed the way a farmer would his fields: " using the sun and the earth as our source of heat, the wind and the ocean breezes as our air conditioning, and the rain as an essential source of water."
The market will be heated by solar panels, powered by wind turbines and provide an opportunity for rainwater conservation. If the aim is to reduce the market's environmental footprint, this project is a step in the right direction.

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