Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goldwater Seafoods

I mentioned in my Incredible Picnic post that the Wooden Monkey's pan-fried haddock was some of the best that I had ever tasted. They had a booth at the picnic showcasing their use of Goldwater Seafood haddock. While digging through my bag today, I found a crumpled info sheet that I don't even remember taking- I assume this was the effect of said delicious fish.

It turns out, that not only does Goldwater Seafood produce an outstanding product, but the company adheres to sustainable fishing practices as well. They produce Hook & Line fresh haddock, employing traditional fishing methods , while also supporting the local economy by purchasing from independent fishers. The company also sells a variety sustainable caught fish and shellfish.

Visit their website, and see what you're missing out on. They also offer free delivery in HRM.

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