Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sabato il mercato

As per usual this morning, I went to the market. Saturday is, hands-down, my favorite day of the week. I say this not because I like to sleep in (that happens on Sunday), or because I have a full day to catch up on everything I've been putting off all week: cleaning, laundry, life admin, ect. But because I never know what I'm going to experience. Saturday is market day- il mercato, (which just so happened to be the Italian word of the day) and I look forward to it all week long.
Today I met my version of a rockstar- Micah Donovan of Food Jammers, in town for a quick visit. I also got the news that Fox Hill Cheese House is in the process of commercializing their milk which owner Rick Rand has been dreaming of for quite some time. It makes sense after all, that a producer who has had such success with milk-based products: cheese, yogurt and gelato, start offering it's base to Nova Scotian consumers. He also assured me that once the Seaport market opens (STILL, a year away), there will be a representative from FH there every day so that devout fans can get their daily fix.
The real spoils of my trip today was the 5 for $5 potted herbs from Jim Bruce's Riverview Herbs. It's fairly indulgent that, stuck inside on this rainy Saturday afternoon, my apartment smells like fresh sage, thyme and rosemary.

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