Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Irresistable Appeal of The Brooklyn Warehouse

I recently proclaimed that I would not eat at the same restaurant twice until I had tried every one in Halifax. I’ve come to realize that this is really not is a realistic goal, and tonight, I cheated. I couldn’t help it! I was invited to The Brooklyn Warehouse for dinner and I couldn’t resist.

It was my first time having dinner at The Brooklyn Warehouse-I’ve already had lunch AND brunch. With about fifteen entrees there was a diverse selection. I have nothing but praise for a menu that appeals to every palate: simple and gourmet, while also catering to a variety of budgets. The most expensive entrée was the steak frites at $23, while the Blue cheese and Pear flat bread at the other end for $12.

We decided to share said flatbread as an appetizer. I had anticipated a heavy, pizza dough like crust, but the result was thin and crispy. Smeared with a thick layer of Baba ganoush, then topped with peppery arugula, sweet pears and a pungent Blue, the flat bread served its purpose to whet my appetite.

For a main course, I chose the veggie stack. This plate confirmed that one of the things I enjoy most about the Warehouse is their presentation. My plate consisted of grilled layered veg; zucchini and eggplant, atop a sweet potato and chickpea fritter. The stack was covered in slices of melted Halloumi cheese, which in turn was topped with roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine. A honey balsamic drizzle added a touch of tangy sweetness to the dish.

The Brooklyn Warehouse has done quite well for themselves within their first year of opening. The father and son duo, Leo and George Christakos certainly got it right; their place was voted Best New Restaurant in 2008 by The Coast readers. I think that, in the case of The Brooklyn Warehouse, I might have to make an exception to my self-imposed rule. After all, I’ve already chosen my meal for the next visit!

Brooklyn Warehouse
2795 Windsor Street


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