Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fizz- A bit of bubbly never went astray

Friends of mine were in town recently for a quick stopover from Thailand to Newfoundland. They had just gotten back from a 2 1/2 month tour of China, India and Egypt, ect... Leaving it up to them to pick the place for drinks and munchies, I figured that they'd choose a spot with cuisine to which they'd become accustomed; Mediterranean, Asian, again-ect.... Instead, they chose a place that I'd mentioned as having piqued my curiosity. So after work on Wednesday, we didn't just go for drinks, we went for fizz- Fizz Champagne Bar, that is.

I started with a glass of Processo, Italy's signature sparkling wine, then move on to a champagne cocktail; a Kir Royale. This was a treat as the crisp champagne bubbled on my tongue, while the sweet Cassis, a blackberry liqueur added a touch of sweetness to balance the acidity.

For a snack, we shared the Cheese fondue for 4, a bargain at $24.99, consisting of the traditional Gruyere and Emmenthal cheese mix, with some interesting dippers such as brioche, red grapes, purple carrots and golden beets.

Housed in the former location of the short-lived Bondi on the corner of Argyle and Blowers streets, Fizz is Halifax's first champagne bar. I have to admit, that it is quite an indulgence to sip champagne so freely, but I think that therein lies Fizz' appeal.

The evening's festivities were a touch bittersweet, however, as I looked around the table and realized that, realistically, we may never be the same foursome again. Yet, even with a minor tear in my eye and a definite buzz on, sharing champagne and good food helped to take the bitter out of the sweet.

Argyle Street

VERY limited contact info here people...I'll have to investigate further...


Anonymous said...

I am very interested taking some friends to Fizz, but I was looking for some more information first. Did you have any luck finding anything out? (

Anonymous said...

406 - 8308